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Gaining access to quality legal services can be challenging with  difficulties often compounded by the urgency in which the services are required.

Individuals in need of an appeal lawyer or a wrongful conviction lawyer in the Illinois or Michigan area often have very little time in which to find the most suitable legal representation.

With appellate law as our main area of specialization this particular field requires the services of a qualified appeal lawyer, as appeal circumstances differ considerably from that of standard legal cases. With their expertise in appellate law, our appeal lawyer Mr. David Lewarchik can help expedite your appeal and help bring about a favorable resolution to your case.

Appeals lawyer, Mr. Lewarchik successfully handles criminal appeals, civil appeals, federal appeals, and post-conviction relief. His extensive training and experience in the various aspects of appellate law provides his clients with a tremendous advantage on appeal.    

With the help of Lewarchik Law PLLC you may be able to rectify serious errors or omissions in your case.

Contact us today by calling 1-800-203-6590 or by contacting us via our online contact form for more information about how we can help you file a civil or criminal appeal.

Lewarchik Law PLLC can help. Offering a wide range of quality appellate legal services, Mr. David Lewarchik is a premier appeal lawyer with the main areas of specialization: civil and criminal appeals in state and federal court, habeas corpus petitions and post-conviction relief.

Lewarchik Law PLLC is committed to providing world-class appeal services at reasonable costs.

Our appeal lawyer earned his degree from one of the finest law schools in the nation, and has gained experience in the different aspects of the civil appeal process and the criminal appeal process.  Our appeal practice encompasses a broad range of appeal specializations, empowering us to provide the highest quality of appeal services possible.

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