An Overview of Arson Appeals

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Attorney David Lewarchik is a skilled criminal appeal lawyer who can help clients successfully appeal an unfavorable decision. He specializes in various types of criminal appeals, including arson appeals, for clients in the greater Chicago, IL area. With proper representation from Mr. David Lewarchik, you can appeal and potentially overturn an arson conviction. In the event that the prosecutor is appealing a previous decision in your favor, he can also provide representation to maintain the previous decision.

First Degree Arson

If convicted of first-degree arson, the prosecutor has proven that you:

  • Caused intentional damage to a building or vehicle by starting a fire or an explosion
  • Seriously injured another party by causing the fire or explosion
  • Damaged the building or vehicle for monetary gain

Second and Third Degree Arson

Convictions of second and third-degree arson typically do not involve injury to another or damage for profit. Instead, these convictions focus primarily on the reckless damage caused to a building or vehicle.

Reasons for Arson Appeals

A decision in an arson case can be appealed for several different reasons by either the prosecutor or the defendant. The primary reason a prosecutor would appeal a case is if he or she did not secure the level of conviction desired, or failed to secure a conviction at all. If a prosecutor decides to appeal the original decision in your case, you need an expert appeals attorney to provide you with strong legal defense.

Any degree of arson conviction can lead to months or years in jail or prison, thousands of dollars in fees, and more. It can significantly hinder your ability to obtain gainful employment and to find housing. If you were convicted of arson, you should appeal your conviction. A skilled appeals attorney like Mr. David Lewarchik can build a strong case to successfully overturn the original conviction.

How a Criminal Appeals Lawyer Can Help

A criminal appeals lawyer like Mr. David Lewarchik will build a strong case in your favor by questioning the evidence produced by the prosecutor. He can thoroughly investigate and reconstruct the fire if necessary to prove that the fire was either accidental or was caused by someone or something else.

He will also thoroughly review the previous proceedings down to the minutest details. If he uncovers evidence that you were deprived of a fair trial or other errors occurred in the process, he will use those in his defense. Other tactics he may use in your defense may include the inexperience of your attorney or a biased jury.

Arson appeals are a serious matter that must be handled by an experienced and skilled criminal appeals attorney. It is often not recommended that you work with your original attorney, especially if there are questions regarding his or her experience or competency. An appeals lawyer such as Mr. David Lewarchik will fight for your right to a fair trial and will diligently protect all your rights.

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